Madison Cawthorn PO’ed the wrong wingnuts

Madison Cawthorn has been drawing a great deal of fire from fellow conservative Republicans, including a new PAC ad that eviscerates him for being a compulsive liar:

“The Winston-Salem Journal, “Madison Cawthorn – stolen valor. Madison Cawthorn – lied about being accepted to the Naval Academy to get elected. Now, Cawthorn’s been caught lying about conservatives. In perpetual pursuit of celebrity, Cawthorn will lie about anything.”

“A attention seeking embarrassment. Cawthorn’s antics help him, but hurt us. Madison Cawthorn lies for the limelight.”

You can see the entire ad at the end of this post.

Cawthorn could have skated through life on his good looks and a sympathetic backstory from the car accident which left him in a wheelchair. But instead he came out of that tragedy lying about the accident itself — he wrongly accused his best friend of abandoning him at the accident scene — and he hasn’t stopped lying since.

Now it’s catching up to him.

Pretty only gets you so far, and it has a short shelf life if nobody likes you because you use everyone for your own ends, and are known for being loyal only to yourself.

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