Trump Jr. has tongues wagging with his post-SCOTUS-leak rant

Those of us who have spent a great deal of time around cokeheads know the telltale behavior patterns of someone in the middle of a coke binge. Overly animated hand gestures. Talking nonsense while still cocksure about the validity of their rants. Facial and other tics. Talking so fast their words run together.

A new round of gossip spilled forth this week when Donald Trump Jr. posted a rant about the Supreme Court leak of a draft of the decision striking down Roe v Wade. (He gets so many facts wrong!)

I have no connection to Trump Jr.

I was not in the room with him when he made this video.

I cannot say that he is doing now, or has ever done, the cocaines.

But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

As one Twitter commenter suggested, “Watch it with the sound off. It’s unmistakable.”

The video is on Rumble, so don’t stick around there too long after you watch it. That place is a cesspool.

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