Please, God, don’t let this guy win the GOP primary for Douglas County Sheriff

In a field of Republicans vying in the primary race for Douglas County Sheriff, George Merithew stands out as the wingnuttiest of wingnuts. He’s a former Omaha Police Dept. officer who never saw a gun restriction he couldn’t fight.

Gun permits for felons? OK with him.

Gun permits for people who are the target of court protection orders — violent ex-husbands and boyfriends, I’m looking at you — are also OK with Merithew.

I don’t often use the term “gun nut” because I know and respect so many people who have guns for the sport of them. But Merithew is a gun nut in the worst way. He is also other kinds of nutty.

Another way he’s shown what a screwball he is after being caught doing over 100 MPH on a local interstate highway in Omaha. The speeding part is isn’t even the worst of it. After he was pulled over he apparently tried to get out of it by showing his retired cop paraphernalia he carries with him

During his encounter with police, he was wearing a Merithew for Douglas County Sheriff shirt and allegedly handing the officer – who reportedly didn’t know who he was – an old Omaha Police Department badge, alongside his license and registration. 

It is unclear why Merithew chose to do so, and whether he was trying to use his former position to escape trouble.  

Unclear? How is that unclear?

Now Merithew has been making the rounds saying that he blames it on the BMW:

Merithew offered another bizarre excuse on his Facebook page, claiming the 2020 convertible was simply too fast and too smooth for him to realize how quickly it was going.

He wrote: ‘I had never driven it before,’ he claimed on his campaign account. ‘It is a very fast M series BMW and it drives smoothly and at fairly imperceptible and deceptive high speed,’ the sheriff wannabe, who says he ‘normally’ drives a Buick, said on Facebook. ‘I am disappointed in myself for not watching my speed. I am.’ 

LOLOL. Merithew is hapless. Just hapless in his lack of media manipulation skills.

Oh, and one more thing to note:

Merithew’s behavior triggered further laughs and hypocrisy allegations after he was found to have posted on Facebook about always sticking to the rules the day before he was pulled over.  

Only a day earlier, the Merithew claimed ‘it’s important to have a sheriff who follows the rules,’ as he cut down his opponent’s sign. 

He shared a live video on him cutting down Hanson’s sign – conveniently positioned in front of Merithew’s sign. He claimed the homeowner called him to remove the ‘illegal’ sign. 

‘It’s against the law to put campaign signs up in a public right-of-way. Aaron continues to do so. He also appears to put signs up without permission,’ he said on Friday. 

What a dork.

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