Remember when Tesla’s lying CEO was also caught lying about his cybertruck’s “armor” windows?

Now that his stupidity — and right-wing views — around trying to take over Twitter have been exposed, and news of a payoff after sexual harassment complaint has come to light, at least some of the journalistic world is finally waking up to what a snake oil salesman Elon Musk really is.

So now is as good a time as any to recall what happened when Musk tried to demonstrate how unbreakable the “armor” windows are in his much-hailed Cybertruck. Much like the self-driving feature on his cars and his tunnel underneath Las Vegas, it was a huge bust.

With nervous laughter, he offers the weak defense that at least the projectiles thrown — just thrown, not hurled at high speed — “only” badly cracked the windows in question and didn’t go all the way through. Seriously, watch the second projectile throw, in particular. The guy practically lobs it and the window STILL breaks. LOL.

Musk is a media creation, not the genius he claims to be.

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