If right-wingers are this pissed about this show, perhaps I should check it out

I don’t have HBO or HBO Max, so “The Time Traveler’s Wife” has not been on my radar at all.

But apparently the most recent episode where a time-traveling male character goes down on his other self in another time period has right wingers apoplectic.

I mean, c’mon. If Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post is worked up about it, it’s worth checking out:

It blew viewers away.

Viewers of HBO’s adaption of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” were left “disturbed” and “haunted” by a sex scene that was depicted in Sunday’s second episode, as well as the original book.

In the episode, Henry — played by Theo James — explains to his love interest, Claire (Rose Leslie), how his father found out about his time-traveling powers by awkward accident.

A flashback scene shows a 16-year-old version of Henry (played by Brian Altemus) using his powers to go back in time and perform oral sex on himself when his father walks in and sees the two versions of his son — both naked and in bed together.

One reviewer from Decider called it “the most baffling blow-job scene” in the history of television.

I dunno. I’ve witnessed some pretty baffling blow job scenes.

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