Cartoon Friday: Joel Pett

I’m currently witnessing two very good friends whose dogs are in the late stages of terminal illnesses. One dog has a brain tumor that is impairing her ability to move and eat, and also giving her seizures. I cannot watch the videos he is posting in the midst of his grief. I don’t blame him. He must feel so helpless.

Those who are not “dog people” can sometimes have a difficult time relating to people for whom watching a treasured pet’s health in precipitous decline is akin to watching a human loved one struggle with impending death.

We who love our dogs so much that we would risk our own lives saving theirs, are here to tell you that you that this loss will be, for some of us, one of life’s defining moments.

Cartoonist Joel Pett posted this cartoon to his Facebook page on June 1. I appreciate it so much that he thought to do this. A nice tribute.

Joel Pett’s June 1 cartoon from Facebook.

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