QAnon cult heading to Dallas for JFK Jr.’s imagined return — again

Back on Nov. 22 of last year (the anniversary of President Kennedy being shot) hundreds of QAnon believers were in Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK’s assassination, completely convinced that JFK Jr. was going to suddenly appear and take charge of their movement. It never happened and the entire incident was super weird.

Well, they’re back and still following the guy who predicted the failed JFK Jr. appearance last time:

It’s been 220 days since more than 1,000 people traveled from across the U.S. to Dallas at the behest of Michael Protzman, a QAnon influencer known as Negative 48, who promised his followers that John F. Kennedy would reappear at Dealey Plaza. JFK didn’t reappear, of course, but the QAnon cult is now returning to Texas.

More than seven months after the group first met in Dallas, it is heading back to the city this weekend after Protzman once again promised that JFK would reveal himself to the group, proving once and for all that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Protzman has already checked into the Hyatt Regency, where hundreds of people gathered back in November.

“What started in Dallas ends in Dallas,” one member of a Telegram group linked to the cult wrote on Friday morning.

Earlier this week, Protzman, in hours-long audio chats on his Telegram channel, laid out what he predicted would happen this weekend. He told his followers that JFK would only reveal himself to those willing to travel to Dallas on Saturday. This would be followed by 10 days of darkness before JFK would finally reveal himself to the world.

A core group of followers remained in the city for months after their initial gathering, before going on tour to follow former President Donald Trump at rallies across the country. In that time, Protzman has destroyed relationships, financially ruined families, and pushed increasingly erratic and wild conspiracies about Trump, JFK and the Ukraine war.

It’s unclear how many people will be in Dallas this weekend, but a review of posts on Telegram, as well as videos posted by those already in Dallas, suggest that at least dozens of people will once again make the journey.

These people would be hilariously cuckoo if so many of them weren’t armed and completely devoted to their mass hysteria.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas (Wikimedia Commons: Grosse)

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