HuffPo ranks hot dogs on a healthiness scale

It might seem a fool’s errand to try to blend the words “healthy” and “hot dog” into the same sentence, but far be it from the Huffington Post to shy away from a challenge.

The hot dogs are broken down into most healthy/least healthy within beef, pork, turkey, chicken and vegetarian categories.

Of course the ones I loved most growing up are rated least healthy — because the things that make the beloved national brands such delicious memories of our childhoods (meat, curing, saturated fats and sodium) are the same things that should make any diet-conscious person wary.

I mostly avoid hot dogs (and all processed meats) now because of my age and cardiovascular numbers. But if I’m at a cookout where they are grilling dogs, I’ll have one or two.

Or, as one nutritionist told HuffPo:

If any of your go-to dogs made the “steer clear” list, it doesn’t mean you have to ghost them. “Going to barbecues and eating less healthy foods are part of living a joy-filled life,” Cassetty said.

Her advice? If you feel that no family barbecue is complete without a Ball Park frank in your hand, then have one and enjoy. Just don’t make hot dogs a way of life.

“The occasional hot dog at a barbecue when you’re otherwise eating a mostly healthy diet isn’t going to wreck your health,” Cassetty said. “So pick the one you’ll enjoy and be mindful of your diet as a whole.”

I really miss being able to eat whatever I want. It’s one of the only things I can get wistful about when I ponder growing older.

The abomination known as a Chicago-style hot dog, something no true hot dog connoisseur would countenance.

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