Trump’s social media platform won’t tolerate mentions of him having used stolen-election claims as ruse to raise $250 million

It’s primarily the right-wing that practices censorship in America, including the most egregious kind, the kind where the government tries to tell you what you can and cannot read. Book burnings and bannings have ALWAYS been a right-wing thing in this country. So has telling women, gays, and people of color what they can say and do publicly, or whether they can teach, whether women and people of color can vote, etc.

So it’s been amusing to watch Fox News and Trump’s Truth Social trying their best to erase any public mention of the Jan. 6 hearings, including the fact that Trump’s post-election, out-of-the-gate denying Biden won the presidency might have been in large part just a way to raise hundreds of millions of dollars off his dopey supporters. (Although there were, from the outset, true believers like Rudy Giuliani — America’s Mayor! — who believed they could actually overturn the election and stay in power.)

Part of me thinks this might be the best eventual use of all that right-wing money because Trump is not going to give appreciable amounts of it away to other Republicans and crazy right-wing causes, that much we know already. Money is about Trump, not the greater good. (If that notion even exists in Trump’s brain.) Taking $250 million out of wingnut circulation is not, in total, a bad thing.

BTW, if you are on Twitter and not following Ron Filipkowski, you really should.

He is the Republican-turned-Democrat lawyer who resigned his position on a Florida Judicial Nominating Commission over Gov. Ron DeSantis’ shady moves around the reporting of Covid cases in that state. He’s turned into a bit of a bulldog when it comes to being anti-Trump.

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