MAGA crazies attack GOP congressman and staff at TX Republican convention

To the extent that they are helping the House Jan. 6 committee build its case against Trump and his demented cohorts, I suppose Judge Luttig and certain members of Pence’s staff should be thanked.

But let’s never lose sight of the fact that they were part of GOP machinery that enabled Trump and encouraged his followers to hate America and the rule of law.

Today there was more evidence that the monster they helped create has grown beyond their control:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and his staff were violently confronted at the Republican Party of Texas convention a short time ago, when far-right social media activist Alex Stein and others whom witnesses described as Proud Boys began shouting “eyepatch McCain” at him – an attempted insult coined by Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

A witness to the incident tells Mediaite that in addition to Stein and others being escorted out of the building, “some arrests” were made at the scene. No photos or video have come out showing any at the time of this post.

“They got physical with multiple people, including hitting them with cameras,” a witness at the scene said. “His campaign manager was assaulted by being pushed aggressively into a pillar.”

Crenshaw has been a bit of a maverick in the national GOP, which is what has put a target on his back. But he’s mostly a comfortable part of the GOP ecosystem — with a 98% rating from the National Rifle Association and a consistent voice against sane gun control.

But, as he surely must be learning more and more each day, you cannot be a Republican and stray from the MAGA line without paying a price eventually. Note that Crenshaw’s district has become more conservative since he ran and won the seat he now holds.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

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