Ghislaine Maxwell is sad that prison is not up to her standards

Gotta love the New York Post for its description of serial sexual predator Ghislaine Maxwell — “ruthless handmaiden” — in its article about Maxwell not being treated in prison with the respect she apparently thinks she deserves:

Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous pal Ghislaine Maxwell has lodged more than 100 complaints during her time behind bars, claiming everything from excessive body-cavity searches to invasive shower surveillance, according to a new report.

Maxwell, who awaits sentencing after being convicted of serving as the late sex predator’s ruthless handmaiden, spent 22 months in solitary confinement at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

New court papers show that Maxwell complained of an increased number of “humiliating” body-cavity and strip searches, according to the report.

She also alleges that she was handcuffed to a chair while watching television and that jail personnel filmed her around the clock — even in the shower.

If I got to make the rules, we’d have separate prisons for people convicted of sex crimes, who would be lumped-in with people convicted of domestic abuse, animal abuse and child abuse.

Because all those people deserve whatever humiliating conditions to which they can be subjected.

Left to right, Donald and Melania Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxell, in happier times.

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