They’re coming for Social Security, with assistance from Biden and the Democrats

The Democrats obviously, when seen as a whole package, so much better than Republicans. But Democrats also do very stupid things sometimes because far too much of the Democratic Party is under the control of centrist Democrats who are often fiscally as stupid as any Republican:

Last month, President Joe Biden nominated a longtime advocate of Social Security privatization and benefit cuts to a key board overseeing the Social Security system. The move comes as Republicans get ready to push cuts to Social Security and Medicare, if they end up winning control of Congress during the November’s midterms, as expected.

The development suggests that there could soon be a coordinated push in Washington to cut the Social Security program, which provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to 66 million Americans.

On May 13, Biden chose to nominate Andrew Biggs, a fellow at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute think tank, for a Republican seat on the bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board, which was created in 1994 to consult the president and Congress about the Social Security system.

For years, Biggs has been a vocal critic of expanded Social Security and workers’ right to a secure, stable retirement free from the vagaries of the stock market. He has dismissed the retirement crisis as a non-issue and as recently as 2020 blamed problems with the Social Security system on “older Americans’ game of chicken.” And two decades ago, Biggs worked on a Bush administration commission that pushed to privatize Social Security.

One of the first things they should do to Social Security is stop giving it to rich people. It’s an entitlement, which means your average millionaire collects it without needing it at all.

Other than that, there are lots of other, more worthy places from which to take money to shore up Social Security, which doesn’t pay all that much in benefits anyway. But it’s still a lifeline for countless older Americans, keeping them out of the old-age poverty that was rampant before it went into effect.

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