People who voted for Brexit are having buyer’s remorse

Who could have predicted that the right-wing pro-Brexit side sold the entire “leave” campaign with a pack of lies that’s coming back to bite everyone in the ass?

On 23 June 2016, Geoffrey Betts, the managing director of a small office supplies business in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, had high hopes for his firm, and the British economy, when he voted for Brexit.

“I thought we would be like … ‘here we go, here we go. We are going to become the most competitive country in Europe and we are going to be encouraging business.’ Now I think: ‘What have we done?’”

And, much like the anti-vax forces in the US who thought that stopping the counting of Covid cases would save them from facing up to the their mistakes, Boris Johnson’s government will not be looking into how Brexit is strangling Great Britain’s well-being:

Brexit was not supposed to be this way. “Some of the requirements have certainly come since Brexit,” she said. “I think Brexit was a very nasty divorce between us and Europe and obviously they’re not going to make it easy for us on any manner of things.” Paperwork relating to health and hygiene, EU import rules and other monitoring requirements had grown dramatically.

Rees-Mogg said last week he had no intention of monitoring the economic effects of Brexit. “I’m not going to make those sorts of assessments because lots were made before the referendum and they are all bilge,” he said.

Johnson is starting to lose seats in Parliament, BTW.

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