Tried out this all-natural weed killer and it worked really well

I live at the bottom of a small watershed next to a creek and therefore do not, under any circumstances, want to use noxious chemicals in my yard that could run off into the creek and pollute the stream.

So, except for cutting my grass, I leave the rest of my yard to grow naturally. There are a few places I do not want weeds to grow, particularly next to my foundation and in-between the slabs in my sidewalks and driveway.

I’ve been making my way through organic weed killers without great success. That is, until I tried Earth’s Ally Weed and Grass Killer I got from my local Lowe’s.

It works better than any other organic weed killer I tried. It’s salt-based, so it’s not terribly harmful I suppose in the relatively small amounts I use.

It says it works in one application, and that’s mostly true. But I have to go back and do a second application for particularly stubborn weeds. Most important how-to tip seems to be to use it on a sunny day when it’s not going to rain.

From the manufacturer:

Earth’s Ally is a non-selective, ready-to-use Weed & Grass Killer. Powered by sea salt, the Earth’s Ally formula quickly kills common weeds to the root and offers a safer alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals like glyphosate, when used as directed. Earth’s Ally kills common weeds, including broadleaf, crabgrass, dandelion, clover, ivy, chickweed and many more. It is less effective on weeds with woody stems, such as some ivies. When used as directed, Earth’s Ally delivers visible results in 3 hours and has been proven to kill weeds to the root, so you won’t end up treating the same weed repeatedly.

For best results, use Earth’s Ally on a dry, sunny day. Shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the ingredients and saturate the weeds you want to eliminate using the stream setting, not mist. Apply generously to both the leaves and base of the weed so the sea salt makes its way to the root. Do not use during rainfall or when weeds are wet. Avoid overspray on desirable plants.

The one-gallon refills are pretty cheap.

Manufacturer video.

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