Right-wing stars, at least the ones with a brain, are suddenly not so cocksure about the mid-terms

This is Fox New host Mark Levin on the morning of June 26:

Here’s the deal. Really Roe v. Wade wasn’t overturned. Roe v. Wade was fundamentally altered by a decision in 1992 — Roe was 1973 — called the Casey decision in Pennsylvania, which changed the trimester test and had the undue burden and viability test which they basically stole from Europe and from other kinds of laws we have in this country.

The Supreme Court has been shooting from the hip on abortion now for about half a century, and that’s why of all these cases that keep working their way to the Supreme Court from federal district courts. And so all these pro-abortion groups constantly litigating to prevent the states from having any regulation whatsoever. And let’s be clear about what this decision says.

This decision says something really unique in American history. We have a very, very powerful body, the Supreme Court, saying, “We don’t have any power.” When’s the last time you heard Congress or the president or the bureaucracy say, “We don’t have any if power, so we’re going to give this authority where it belongs, back to the people in the states.” It’s that simple. They’re interpreting the constitution. It’s not taking anybody’s rights away, it’s not giving rights to anybody. First of all, God does that.

But that said, there’s 50 states for a reason. We’re not a parliamentary system like in Canada, like in France. We have 50 states for a reason, 50 legislatures for a reason. So decisions can be made by the people in these states.

Levin isn’t the only right-wing luminary who has suddenly switched to, “Oh, these SCOUTUS decisions on guns, separation of church and state, and abortion are not as extreme as the Left is portraying them.”

They know that the polls are against them on all three of these hot-button issues.

If inflation stays as bad as it is now, particularly gas prices, many people are still going to vote their financial anxieties. But if inflation and gas prices are tamed considerably by this November, the GOP might have to run on the their extremism. This will not be good for them.

Mark Levin, right, and some kooky Fox host whose name I purposefully forget.

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