Congresswoman who praised Hitler’s work with youth wins again in the GOP primary

Welp, the crazy Republican Congress lady from Illinois who talked about Roe being overturned as a victory for “white life” has won the GOP primary. By 15 points, no less.

Davis and Miller competed in the newly re-drawn 15th congressional district, which now includes a swath of the state that is solidly red. That put Davis, someone whose previous district necessitated a moderate hand, at a disadvantage with an electorate that’s more deeply conservative.

Plus, Trump paid the district a visit on Saturday for a rally backing Miller, who sought to ride momentum from the event into a victory on Tuesday. But the appearance was marred when Miller credited him with a “victory for white life” — a reference to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that provided constitutional protections for abortion rights.

Her campaign said she had misread prepared remarks that included the phrase “right to life,” and Miller later told a local radio station that she is not racist. Footage of the moment, with Trump standing on stage just behind her, quickly went viral online, not the least of which because Miller had previously praised Hitler on Jan. 6, 2021, for his youth engagement strategy. She later apologized for that comment.

LOL at “youth engagement strategy.”

There once was a time when any candidate who praised anything about Hitler would likely have lost her seat based on that alone. But this is 2022 and the GOP is so bonkers that nothing is too out there for their candidates.

Illinois’ weirdly drawn 15th Congressional District, which is 90% white.

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