Family of Christian grifters goes on the run; is caught on Florida highway

ASLAN International Ministry in Florida appears to consist primarily of dad Evan; mom Mary Jane; daughter Joy, 36; and son Josh, 30. That didn’t stop them from allegedly claiming 487 employees and $2.7 million in payroll to receive more than $8 million in Covid relief funds from the government, which they are accused of using to try to purchase a $3.1 million home in Orlando in 2020.

Police caught them speeding on a Florida highway, Federal agents were called.

Evan Edwards told the officers they were headed to a conference in Texas, but he could not provide any specifics, according to the complaint.

Federal agents arrived on the scene and began searching the 2020 Mercedes. What they found indicated this was not a typical road trip.

Edwards, seated in the front passenger seat, had a laser printer on his lap. In a rear passenger seat, next to his wife and daughter, were two clear garbage bags full of shredded documents, according to the complaint.

The family’s personal electronic devices were stuffed into a so-called Faraday bag, which blocks radio frequencies to keep from being tracked, the complaint says.

There were also suitcases full of financial records, two other Faraday bags with laptops and tablets inside, a document shredder, and multiple backpacks containing external hard drives and USB drives, according to the complaint.

“Other electronic documents located in the search include a 49-page research manual published by the Bureau of Justice related to ‘Tracing Money Flows Through Financial Institutions,’” the federal complaint says.

Methinks someone’s going to a hell called prison. I wonder which one is going to turn first on the rest of the family. I will guess Josh or the mom since neither one seems able work up a even a wan smile for a promotional photo (see below).

You can read the rest here.

The Edwards family of the ASLAN International Ministry in a photo from their promotional materials.

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