Flushed wet wipes are changing the course of the River Thames

No matter how many times authorities tell people not to flush personal hygiene wipes, disinfecting wipes or paper towels, they continue to do it.

The problem has become severe in London:

An island the size of two tennis courts has “changed the course” of the River Thames – and it’s made from wet wipes.

Campaigners regularly comb through the muck on the riverbank near Hammersmith Bridge, where they find up to 150 wet wipes per square metre.

The UK uses 11 billion of the “disposable” products every year, according to Labour MP Fleur Anderson, causing untold problems for the environment and wreaking havoc on plumbing to the tune of £100m in blockages.

People are so stupid some times. The houses on my block back-up to a running creek and I see my neighbors out using all manner of noxious chemicals on their lawns and gardens despite the fact that it obviously washes directly into a waterway teeming with life.

Fish navigate through wet wipes pollution.

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