Marjorie Taylor Greene is too stupid to know she argues against herself on climate change

Oh, Marjorie. You’re a shining example of how poor science education is ruining public discourse:

Marjorie Taylor Greene has asked why thousands of cattle perished during an extreme heatwave in Kansas just weeks after saying that climate change would be good for food production.

“Why did thousands of cattle all die in a heat wave?” the Republican congresswoman from Georgia wrote on Twitter on June 29. “Usually just the old, sick, or weak die in stressful conditions, not the whole herd. Food security is national security.”

The Newsweek article goes on to note:

“This was a true weather event, it was isolated to a specific region in southwestern Kansas,” A.J. Tarpoff, a cattle veterinarian with Kansas State University, told the Associated Press. “Yes, temperatures rose, but the more important reason why it was injurious was that we had a huge spike in humidity … and at the same time wind speeds actually dropped substantially, which is rare for western Kansas.”

Stop this ride. I want to get off.

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