Noted giraffe and lion trophy hunter gunned down in South Africa

Let’s call it rough justice:

Riaan Naude, 55, owner of Pro Hunt Africa, was found dead next to his truck in Marken Road, Limpopo.

Two hunting rifles were among items found in his car in an area which includes part of the Kruger National Park wildlife reserve, local outlet Maroela Media reported.

Naude, from Phalaborwa, Limpopo, had previously uploaded pictures of himself posing next to dead animals, including lions, elephants and giraffes.

Police spokesperson Lt.col. Mamphaswa Seabi said officers found his body after being called to the scene.

He said: ‘The man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face.’

It must have been awful for him to lie there, shot in the hot sun, terrified as the life drained out of him. Sort of like the innocent animals he made a living killing.

You can read the rest here.

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