Man with bat confronts windshield squeegee kids at intersection, ends up being shot and killed

Given that there are far more privately-owned guns (estimate: 393 million) than there are actual Americans, I think getting out of your car and charging toward a bunch of teenagers with the clear intent of doing them harm, is pretty effin’ stupid:

A man was shot and killed after swinging a baseball bat during a confrontation with people who were cleaning windshields for cash at a downtown Baltimore intersection, according to police.

The bat-wielding man — Timothy Reynolds, 48, of Baltimore — was driving through an intersection near the city’s Inner Harbor on Thursday afternoon when he encountered so-called squeegee workers and had a heated interaction, Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters. Police released Reynolds’ name and hometown on Friday.

Squeegee workers, also known as squeegee kids, consist mostly of teens from low-income neighborhoods who clean drivers’ windshields at intersections in exchange for money. Some drivers in Baltimore have complained about them.

Reynolds drove through the intersection, parked his car and came back with a baseball bat, Harrison said.

Jesus, man, why is it so hard for people to control their anger behind the wheel? Just ignore it and get to wherever you’re going in one piece.

So many people. So many anger management issues.

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