NC police department being mocked for threatening email allegedly received from Antifa

The Asheville (NC) Police Department is receiving both ridicule and support after it released a threatening letter it received (allegedly) from Antifa, every right-wing MAGA type’s favorite boogeyman.

The letter reads:

Dear Asheville Police Department,

We are tired of your lack of protection for the innocent civilians who are peacefully protesting. There have been multiple incidents where there have been immediate threats to the safety, security, and well being of the protesters, with Asheville Police Department having little to no response time. Due to the lack of safety and security provided by the Asheville Police Department, citizens have had to protect and deputize themselves. If Asheville Police Department does not ensure the safety of the protesters, then we, ANTIFA, will, at all costs. The ball is in your court. Here is your chance to show the city that you are the heroes you claim to be. If you fail to meet our demands, then we, ANTIFA, will continue our own ways and methods to keep the good people of this city safe. We will no longer put up with your oppression in ANY FORM. Due to your lack of safety and support, you have forced us to do your jobs for you. We will NOT allow you to tell us that what we are doing is wrong. If safety is what you truly want, then you will shape up and do your jobs correctly. This includes keeping peaceful protesters safe, whether they are armed or unarmed. If you continue to fail to protect protesters, we will continue to successfully do so. If you continue to harass us for doing so, you will be met with further action. This is your first and ONLY formal warning.



I would have originally pegged it as a hoax done by a cop or a MAGA true believer in order to paint cops are targets of the liberal horde. The letters reads as if it was written by someone who thinks this is how Antifa would sound in a threatening letter.

But, since there are no misspellings or grammatical errors, it’s probably not the work of a cop or a Trump supporter.

It could also be some teenager sitting in his room, idolizing Antifa, and wanting to see if he can get some press writing that letter.

‘Tis a mystery, at least for now.

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