Jesus loves you more if you give $1000 than if you give $100

Sometimes on Sunday morning while I am doing housework I turn my TV to an over-the-air channel that runs right-wing evangelical programs. I let it run in the background while I putter around the house. I find these people to be entertaining in the comedic sense of the word.

For pure unadulterated religious camp, you can’t beat James Payne of Inspiration Campmeeting. The hair. The suits. The terrible singing. He is straight out of Central Casting for oily TV ministers.

He’s constantly asking for money and this morning is no different. He’s been going on for half an hour now about Seed Size Determines Harvest Size, which means that people who pony up $1000 over, say, $100 are going to be heard faster by Jesus. (See screen cap below.)

Some progressives like to say that these preachers trick followers into giving money.

I beg to differ.

The preachers of the “prosperity gospel” don’t hide their intentions. They’re in it for the money. Everyone knows it. Their congregants know it. The viewers at home know it.

A part of me hopes these guys (and gals) get as much money as they can, because you know the preachers are mostly keeping it for themselves. That’s less money being sent to the right-wing money machine.

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