In Mansfield (MA) they’re not tolerating owners who leave their dogs in hot cars

On Thursday there was a Phish concert and at least three dog owners thought it was a fine idea to leave their dogs in cars on a hot summer evening.

Local law enforcement took action:

Several pet owners will be facing animal cruelty charges after Mansfield police officers removed three dogs from “hot cars” Thursday night during the Phish concert at the Xfinity Center, the police department said.

Officers removed three dogs from cars in the Xfinity Center’s parking lot after receiving complaints from people passing by the cars, the Mansfield Police Department wrote on Facebook.

“Thanks to alert and compassionate passers-by, officers were able to respond quickly, remove the distressed animals from hot cars that did not have water or adequate ventilation, and transport them to Tufts in Walpole for evaluation after receiving water and a seat in front of our cooling fans in the public safety compound,” the department wrote.

This is as it should be.

You can read the rest here.

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