Some Munsters aficionados flipping out over trailer for movie remake by Rob Zombie

I watched The Munsters when I was a little kid and I loved it. I watch episodes today and marvel at the shit little kids find to be funny.

Rob Zombie is making a movie version of the TV show. After the full trailer dropped, some diehard fans of the show are trashing it on social media without having seen the full movie.

I think their standards are a little lofty for a show that was so bad as to be campy by today’s standards. Your own standards have to be a bit, uh, different to take the show seriously in the first place.

For instance, in Screen Rant’s review of the “5 Best and Worst Episodes of The Munsters,” writer Christopher Fiduccia says of S1E9 of the 1960’s TV show:

In the episode “Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie”, Herman is revealed to have a brother named Charlie. Charlie looks exactly like Herman, because he is also played by Fred Gwynne. Charlie comes to town with a machine that he claims can pull uranium from seawater.

Charlie is a con artist and sells the fake machine to a poor old lady, not knowing that Grandpa had actually made it work. While Herman’s family is an interesting concept to explore, it doesn’t make a lot of sense since Frankenstein is made from multiple people’s body parts.

That observation about realism makes total sense except when you realize the show was about a house full of monsters whose biggest concerns are not scaring the workers at the supermarket meat counter, and an undead vampire grandpa who conducts nuclear experiments in the basement.

Like I said, Munsters stans are an interesting bunch.

As far as my own reactions to the trailer go, I think the vibe of the trailer seems pretty faithful to the slapstick vibe of the TV show.

The full trailer is below.

The cast of the original TV series.

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