Alan Dershowitz still has the sads about how he is treated on Martha’s Vineyard

I love how right-wingers and (in this case) the lawyers who carry their legal water for them think they can flout democratic norms that lead to the attempted violent overthrow of the government, and yet pay no price whatsoever in terms of how they are perceived and treated by the thinking public.

I’m no huge fan of either of the Massachusetts islands — that would be Nantucket or the Vineyard — but one of the nice things you can say about both those places is that they are not particularly welcoming overall to MAGA types.

So it’s funny to read that MAGA legal apologist Alan Dershowitz is still whining about how he is treated in one of the most progressive zip codes in the country. Writer Isaac Chotiner has a HI-larious interview in the New Yorker titled, “Alan Dershowitz’s Martha’s Vineyard Cancellation.”

It’s so funny, in fact, I’m still not to totally convinced it’s not a parody of what a Q&A with Dershowirz would sound like.

Anyway, decide for yourself. Read the snippet below where Chotiner (in bold) has just asked Dershowitz about an alleged letter he received from a man who was beaten up on the beach for being seen just reading one of Dersh’s books:

Can you tell me a little bit about this letter you received?

It’s part of a pattern. I was the most popular speaker in the Chilmark Library series.

I can imagine.

Every year, they would have an overflow crowd to hear me speak about whatever book I was writing, or whatever I was doing. But suddenly, after I represented the Constitution on behalf of President Trump, the library found excuses for never having me. Their first excuse was that my crowds were too big. So I said, “Well, why don’t you limit the crowds?” They said, “Oh, we hadn’t thought of that.”

Can you imagine if Ed Sullivan had done that with the Beatles? It’s a ridiculous excuse.

Yeah, of course. So I’ve been cancelled, basically, by the Chilmark Library. That has resulted in lots of people in Chilmark calling me and calling the library and saying, “We’re being deprived of Alan’s annual speech.” [Ebba Hierta, the Chilmark’s director, disputed Dershowitz’s characterization, and said, “Not one single person has contacted me to complain that they haven’t had a chance to hear Alan speak.”]

And I didn’t even get to the part where Dershowitz trashes Larry David.

You can read the rest here.

Dershowitz is exactly like Trump in that he has a massive regard for himself and likes to embellish relentlessly.

And I’m not sure that Dershowitz realizes how much Chotiner is pulling his leg, at times, in this interview.

Alan Dershowitz

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