Art egg described as “priceless” found aboard seized oligarch yacht

American authorities made an interesting discovery while sailing a Russian oligarch’s seized yacht to the U.S.

What could be a priceless Fabergé egg has been found on board a Russian oligarch’s superyacht seized by US authorities, one of the more curious items unearthed in sanctions-led investigations so far.

US deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco told the Aspen security forum on Wednesday it was one of the more “interesting” finds her team has made.

“Let’s get to the juicy stuff: the yachts,” she told the forum dedicated to discussing law enforcement’s role in freezing and seizing Russian assets. “We’ve been finding some really interesting things … we recovered a Fabergé – or alleged Fabergé egg – on one of these [yachts] so it just gets more and more interesting.”

Monaco did not specify exactly which yacht she was referring to but did say it was currently docked in San Diego Bay after it had been sailed from Fiji last month.

A $300m yacht called the Amadea was sailed by US law enforcement officials from Fiji to San Diego late last month after an extensive legal battle over which Russian oligarch owned it.

I’m as happy as the next person to see American law enforcement putting the screws to shady Russkie billionaires. But let’s never forget that your average CEO of American multinational corporations is no better as they make thousands of times more money than their lowest paid workers.

And the fact that those stupid eggs are considered to be priceless makes just as much sense.

Not the egg in question. They’re pretty, but not sure why they are “priceless.”

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