Calamine lotion craze invades TikTok

These things are funny until you think about how we’ve not even begun to scratch the surface of the stupid things people will do in the future because they saw it on TikTok:

Women around the world are smearing calamine lotion all over their faces before applying makeup — a “beauty hack” that’s gone viral on TikTok that they say helps dry out oily skin, repair acne scars and keep their makeup in place for hours on end.

Some are using a sponge or a makeup brush to dab on the over-the-counter product commonly used to soothe rashes and other skin conditions that cause itching, such as chickenpox. Others wasted no time, pouring the pink lotion directly onto their face and rubbing it in with their bare hands before applying foundation and other makeup right on top of the thin crust.

“I cannot see my pores anywhere,” one TikToker said in approval, claiming the product made her skin appear “super matte.” Other beauty enthusiasts on the platform have hailed calamine as a primer — claiming it helps their makeup stay put in the summer sun and throughout 12-hour workdays.

TikTokers say they are “obsessed” with the discovery and the hashtag #calamineprimer has about 3.5 million views on the platform. But dermatologists and makeup experts are warning that those jumping on the trend could risk worsening skin conditions and long-term damage.

“It just doesn’t make sense to use calamine lotion and risk drying out the skin and damaging the skin barrier,” Azadeh Shirazi, a dermatologist practicing in the San Diego area, told The Washington Post.

You can read the rest of the Washington Post article by Jennifer Hassan by clicking here.

I feel sorry for kids today.

When I was in school the only things you had to worry about were not farting in class, not tripping going up the stairs in school and sending your books flying, and trying to fit in somewhere during school and on weekends.

Now, for many kids anyway, being a kid is suddenly a 24-7 job of thinking of ways to do funny or cool things on social media.

It must be exhausting and crazy-making.

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