Someone sold their photo archive with my picture in it

Someone in Allentown, PA is selling on eBay a press photo of me speaking at a public event in Natick, MA (a suburb of Boston) in 1987.

I was 27.

I did a lot of public speaking and media appearances back when my job was trying to head off AIDS-related panics in schools, businesses and legislatures in New England.

I think I was speaking at a high school assembly in this photo and I believe this photo ran in the Boston Globe. I think. These events seem so long ago and yet the job seems like I was doing it last week.

Anyway, it’s in a photo archive that ended up in PA and now it’s being sold for $17 on eBay, along with a slew of other news photos from that era.

Totally weird to have this picture pop up after all these years.

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