By chance I happened upon the best iced coffee travel mug

If I do any kind of product reviews, it’s generally about some tech gadget I bought and am totally impressed with (or not).

But I’m going to do this one primarily because I’ve had terrible experiences with coffee travel mugs.

Iced coffee is my go-to drink nearly any time of day and I must have had dozens of coffee travel mugs by now.

Mostly I’ve had that many because I kept putting the mug of coffee on the top of my car as I placed whatever items I’m taking to work that day in the back seat.

Then I would often get about a block away from my house before I heard a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP on the roof of my car and then watched a coffee mug slide down my back window and bounce off the trunk into the street — nearly always irretrievably damaged in some way. (I broke myself of this habit.)

I never missed any of those broken mugs because every one of them had something wrong. They didn’t keep the coffee cold for very long. They leaked if they tipped over — as coffee mugs often do in a fumble-fingered morning — even if they were allegedly sealed with a lid. Some of them had those annoying “permanent” straws you find in some travel mugs — straws that are health hazards and difficult to clean after only a few uses.

Then last week I was in an office supply store looking for work stuff and there it was: a lime green travel mug by a company called Takeya, on clearance for $7.98. Last one on the shelf.

I ended up using my new Takeya mug all week and it is, hands down, the best iced drink travel mug I’ve ever used.

No nasty straw. Easy-to-clean stainless steel inside. Rubber-y soft plastic outside. It kept my iced coffee cold all day — still plenty of ice at quitting time. And, best of all, it seals tightly with an attached screw-on cap and doesn’t leak even if it’s full and laid on its side as I drive to work. (18-oz version won’t fit in my car’s cup holder.)

I love it so much I bought two 24-oz versions today at full price.

Anyway, just a tip for all you iced coffee lovers.

BTW the marketing literature says it also works to keep hot things hot, just not as long as it keeps things cold.

You can buy one at the Takeya store.

The ones I bought look just like the ones below and can be found specifically at this link.

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