Tickets for Trump’s Saudi-backed golf tournament are going for $1 on StubHub

Given that Donald Trump has failed at just about everything else he’s tried — Trump steaks, Trump vodka, Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, Trump “University” and, of course, the Trump presidency — it stands to reason that his inaugural Saudi-backed golf tournament would be less than stellar. Everything the man touches fails.

This is what the Wall Street Journal, once reliably in Trump’s orbit in every way, had to say:

The golf itself, meanwhile, wasn’t exactly supercharged—light crowds were spread across much of the vast grounds here on the first day of the tournament. Tickets for the Saturday session were available on for as little as $1.

And Mr. Trump, well, acted like he owned the place.

The high-profile group for Thursday’s pro-am round produced an unusual scene: at least a dozen golf carts, including Mr. Trump’s with the presidential seal, were on the same hole. It was also a rare glimpse into Mr. Trump on the course after rounds during his presidency were typically out of view from the press.

Mr. Trump also took liberties that others might not feel comfortable doing at a prestigious country club. He took out divots on some practice shots. On the second hole, he also drove his cart up to the edge of the green—which left some confusion because not everyone, including Mr. Al-Rumayyan, had yet to hit their shots. After they called out to him, Mr. Trump backed up.

One dollar a ticket. LOL.

Trump cannot ever seem to get out of the way of everyone else just trying to carry on with business about which he is oblivious as he screams “Me! Me! Me! Me!” from the sidelines.

Note that this tournament was meant to be a big “Eff you!” to the PGA, which pulled its prestigious tournament from Trump’s golf club in the wake of Trump inciting a seditious insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

There is never not a good reason to run this picture, which may or may not be real, showing Trump with poopy pants.

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