Guy in charge of GOP’s “election integrity” office was involved in fake electors planning

The rot in the GOP continues up the Republican ladder in the two federal investigations into the Jan. 6 insurrection and the effort to overthrow the 2020 election.

Politico is reporting that Joshua Findlay, who is now the RNC’s national director for election integrity, has become a focus of the Justice Department’s Jan. 6 probe.

Politico reviewed the subpoena sent to the Georgia witness after the Washington Post published copies of two Arizona subpoenas. Findlay’s appearance in the documents means the Justice Department has taken interest in his communications as part of its probe related to pro-Trump GOP officials and activists who presented themselves as legitimate electors from states where Joe Biden won.

Findlay worked for Trump’s 2020 campaign in multiple capacities. In January 2019, the campaign announced he was joining the team that would handle the 2020 Republican National Convention. After the convention, he worked as an attorney on the Trump campaign’s legal team.

The three subpoenas order the witnesses to share all documents and communications from October 2020 on, “[t]o, from, with, or including” a list of people, including Findlay.

While Findlay is not a central figure in the Jan. 6 select committee’s investigation, the head of the Trump campaign’s legal team, Matt Morgan, mentioned him in testimony to the panel. At a hearing on June 21, the panel played a video clip where one of its investigators, Casey Lucier, said some Trump campaign lawyers “became convinced that convening electors in states that Trump lost was no longer appropriate.”

Findlay’s visibility into plans regarding alternate electors didn’t end on Election Day. Politico reviewed an email sent to him on December 12, 2020, showing David Shafer — head of the Georgia Republican Party, and himself an alternate elector — directing one of his subordinates to contact Findlay about the alternate elector plans.

Let’s hope this continues to put the rest any questions about whether the coup plot had the official backing of GOP leaders from top to bottom.

Some of them are trying to back away now that it’s clear the Jan. 6 House committee is continuing to lay the groundwork for criminal prosecutions.

There can be no doubt the coup effort was supported from the top echelons of the Republican Party apparatus.

You can read the rest of Politico’s article by Betsy Woodruff Swan at this link.

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