Things are not going well for Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook defamation case

The always interesting Liz Dye over at Above The Law has a hilarious article up about how things went this week for Alex Jones and his defamation case.

It did not go well.

For reasons unclear, Jones’s company decided that producer Daria Karpova was the best person to represent Infowars on the witness stand. And so she spent yesterday and today unsuccessfully attempting to bob and weave around Bankston’s questions. In a truly spectacular own goal, Karpova characterized a 2017 interview Jones did with Megyn Kelly, then of NBC, as being almost entirely about the Sandy Hook shooting.

For purposes of impeachment, the plaintiffs were then allowed to play the entire 17-minute segment in open court, including a sizzle reel that included Jones calling victims of the 2017 suicide bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester “liberals and trendies,” opining that the videos of kids fleeing Sandy Hook “looked like a drill,” admitting that his “research” consists of pulling up articles on the internet and discussing them with his producers, and refusing to apologize for any of it. And that was before Kelly interviewed Heslin about holding his dead son in his arms to say goodbye.

Karpova further ingratiated herself with the jury by remarking sympathetically that it’s very stressful being Alex Jones because people tell horrible lies about him. This prompted an incredulous outburst from the plaintiffs’ lawyer, who wondered if she understood how “ironic” it was to say such a thing in the room with people whose son was murdered and who then found themselves swept up in a maelstrom of lies by a huckster who flogs supplements online.

At the conclusion of her questioning, Karpova was ushered out into the hall while the jury propounded written questions for her. (Apparently it’s a Texas thing?) In an ominous sign for the defendant, the questions were all of the “when did you stop beating your wife” variety. And yet, counselor Reynal failed to object until Karpova was back on the stand, at which point, realizing his mistake, he attempted to interrupt. Too late!

Things only got worse from there.

You can read the rest here.

Alex Jones, showing the kind of restraint that is no doubt endearing him to the jury.

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