Alex Jones is eviscerated on cross-examination

Wow, those burns are gonna leave marks. Especially in front of the judge Jones has been excoriating in public.

As his cross-examination kicked off in his defamation damages trial over his claims Sandy Hook was a “hoax,” Alex Jones faced blistering questioning over some recent conspiracy theories that his company Infowars broadcast about the judge presiding over the case.

Mark Bankston, an attorney for the parents of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis, rolled tape on the segment, telling the jury that the graphics include an image of “our judge on fire.”

“In fact, Mr. Jones, you’re telling the world not to believe what happens in this courtroom because the judge worked with Child Protective Services, who you say is involved with pedophilia and child trafficking?” the lawyer asked.

After making allegations about the Texas Youth Commission, Jones denied believing the same about Travis County Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, who is presiding over the case.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying,” Jones insisted.

At that point, Bankston rolled tape from Jones’s show on Thursday, in which a voice could be heard making that same allegation. Jones denied directing or producing the segment and suggested that it might be taken out of context.

“Is there anything before and after that that will make it great to show pictures of our judge on fire and tell the world that she’s involved with pedophiles?” he asked. “Tell the context that comes before or after that makes that great.”

The line of questioning had been meant to convey to the jury that Jones is not taking the proceedings seriously — and has scorned the court and even the jury.

“I take this as serious as cancer,” Jones claimed.

After the InfoWars clip was played, Jones asserted that the flames that appear to be consume the judge depict her burning Lady Justice.

Oh, I get it now.

He wasn’t saying the judge in his case needed to be burned.

She was being depicted as Lady Justice, burning with the fires of truth, justice and the American Way.

Jones is toast.


You can read the rest here.

Alex Jones and his legal team are going to walk away with scars from this trial. And, considering the way it’s been going, it’s probably a safe bet that the jurors hate him. Not good in a jury trial.

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