Alex Jones is spanked — and spanked hard — by trial judge

I can never get enough of coverage of how slithering media showman and supplement hawker Alex Jones is being exposed for the opportunistic crank and hater that he is.

The latest from that Texas courtroom where he is being sued by the parents of toddlers killed at Sandy Hook:

Alex Jones is not used to sitting in silence and listening to others admonish him. But on Tuesday, in a Texas court, he was forced to do just that.

In a moment that has been years in the making, Jones found himself in court with a pair of Sandy Hook parents who were determined to hold him accountable for the conspiracy theories he pushed about their murdered son, their family, and the 2012 shooting writ large. And Jones also found himself also in the same room as a judge who showed no tolerance for his antics.

First, Jones was confronted directly in court by Scarlett Lewis, the mother of Jesse Lewis, who was murdered at age 6. As she testified on the stand, Lewis stared right at Jones, detailing in extreme detail the pain he had caused by pushing Sandy Hook lies. And then, later in the day, Jones was scolded by Judge Maya Gamble, who laced into him for violating court rules, including his duty to be truthful under oath.

“This is not your show,” Gamble reminded Jones at one point on Tuesday.

Which is all to say, by any reasonable standard, Jones had an awful day in court.

You can read the rest at CNN’s Reliable Sources at this link.

Alex Jones, in his natural state.

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