“The View” announces Ana Navarro as additional co-host

The producers of The View announced their final line-up of the daytime talk show conservatives love to hate because of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and, you know, women in general.

Now those same people have another reason to hate it.

ABC on Thursday officially named former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin and Republican strategist Ana Navarro as permanent co-hosts of “The View.”

Both Griffin and Navarro have been among the right-of-center media personalities the network has put through a revolving door of co-hosts serving in the “conservative” seat on the daytime table-talk-style program in recent months.

The spot was vacated last year by firebrand pundit Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who left the show alleging what she later said was a toxic culture of bullying and hostility.

Multiple outlets reported Griffin had been selected by ABC to fill McCain’s shoes, but the network’s decision to also hire Navarro had gone unreported before Thursday.

”We promised to take a little time to fill the seat and we have found the right match and a welcome addition to the show with Alyssa,” said Brian Teta, “The View’s” executive producer. “She is willing to share her unique political experience and brings a strong conservative perspective while holding her own in tough debates with her co-hosts and guests on both sides of the aisle.”

Well, if viewers are going to be stuck with the fem-troll Alyssa Farah Griffin on the show, then at least Ana Navarro will be a nice counterpoint to Griffin’s ill-informed screeching.

Navarro is many things. Ill-informed is not one of them. She will wipe the floor with Griffin in debates.

I don’t watch The View but I have watched it, and I love it because it pushes so many macho men’s buttons. Sometimes I will bring The View up when I’m in the company of men I know to be chauvinistic just to see them get worked up about it.

They hate it because it’s all women who won’t back down or take shit from men. Two of the strongest co-hosts are Jewish or Black. And now they have Ana Navarro, a pushy (in a great way) Latina who is super well-informed and smart as hell.

See some of Navarro’s greatest hits in the video below.

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