“Alex is truly mentally ill” says ex-wife of Alex Jones during Inside Edition interview

What’s not to love about Alex Jones’ ex-wife trashing him in a TV interview?

And, as much as I usually avoid linking to either the Daily Mail or Inside Edition, it does make interesting reading (and watching).

Alex Jones’ ex-wife claims the conservative conspiracy theorist is ‘mentally ill’ and needs to be ‘protected from himself and others.’

Kelly Nichols, 54, is hopeful the jury returns with a verdict that teaches Jones his ‘delusional’ behaviors are ‘not acceptable.’

Nichols watched Jones apparently perjure himself in Texas court Wednesday when he testified that he never sent messages about the Sandy Hook massacre, despite text records indicating otherwise.

She called the alleged perjury a ‘come to Jesus moment’ that a ‘lot of people are going to be interested in.’

Meantime, Jones, 48, has blasted his ‘incredibly sick’ lawyers for accidentally handing his phone and email records to the opposing counsel during a rant on his Infowars show.

You can read the rest of the article at this link, and watch the video below.

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