Is anyone surprised that armed crazies in SWAT gear are trying to attack FBI offices?

There are those who say that much of the cuckoo rhetoric you hear from the leading lights of the sycophantic MAGA right is performative — that is, they don’t really believe it. They say it because it a) furthers their career, or b) at least stops Trump from turning against them.

In some ways this is even worse than the crazies who actually believe the BS Trump spouts. At least those people have the excuse that they are mentally ill, or just plain stupid.

Tucker Carlson and Sen. Marco Rubio suggesting that the FBI is part of the Deep State has real world consenquences:

An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at an FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fled and exchanged gunfire in a standoff with law enforcement, authorities said.

The confrontation at the FBI’s Cincinnati field office comes as officials warn of an increase in threats against federal agents in the days following a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Federal officials said the man had “attempted to breach” the visitor’s screening area at the FBI office and fled when he was confronted by agents. He was chased onto Interstate 71 and has exchanged gunfire with police, according to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

Authorities have closed the interstate in both directions as police remained in a standoff. No injuries were immediately reported.

Officials in Ohio have locked down a mile radius near the interstate and urged residents and business owners to lock doors and stay inside.

You can read the rest here.

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