TIL you can refill Glade Plug-Ins without buying the expensive little bottles

I heard a guy mention on a comedy podcast that he refills his Glade Plug-Ins. So I looked it up and it turns out it is super easy. I always assumed the bottles or wicks were designed to break or become unusable if you pried them open.

I refilled my first one a few minutes ago, and it felt like a real fuck-the-man, defy authority moment.

You can watch the video below, which probably isn’t necessary. But I like her style. Not only that, she refills her plug-in bottles with Fabuloso (with Bleach Alternative), which I think is amusing. I’m not going to use that.

I had on-hand some old dollar store plug-in refill bottles that became useless after the cheapo plug-in diffuser broke. So I was stuck with these plug-in refills I refused to throw away. (That’s my thrifty mother speaking through me.)

You can also buy large containers of scented refill oil by searching for “plug-in refills” on Google.

Don’t say you never learn anything from me.

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