If there is a hell, let’s hope Ken Starr is trapped in a brightly lit pink room for eternity with nothing to keep him company but episodes of “The View” blaring on repeat

Erik Loomis over at LGM has a nice encapsulation of the life of newly dead right-wing hit man Ken Starr who, for those of us who were around for it, will always remember for the fact that despite his academic pedigree — GW, Brown and Duke law school — he was ready to bring down a presidency because of some oral sex.

Here’s the simplest way to describe Ken Starr. When it fit his interests to talk about “morality,” he did so.

When it fit his interests to defend the greatest moral reprobates in this country, he did so.

That it was always Democrats whom Starr found morally deficient and Republicans he defended maybe isn’t so surprising.

But given his witch hunt against Bill Clinton in the 1990s that he followed by being the greatest possible supporter of admitted sexual assaulter Donald Trump just sums up so much about today’s right.

Moreover, Starr himself oversaw one of the worst sexual violence scandals in contemporary college sports, when as president of Baylor, a conservative Baptist institution, he routinely overlooked serial rape committed by players because they won football games.

He defended Jeffrey Epstein.

He defended Donald Trump.

In short, Starr’s feelings about sexual crime depended entirely on whether he liked the person who committed it.

It’s important to remember Starr because he proves the point that Republican efforts to make the United States so divided it’s ungovernable didn’t start with Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert and any of the current crop of GOP lead-paint chip-eaters.

The most telling difference between Ken Starrs of the world and the Sarah Palins is that the Ken Starrs are smart enough to know that they are spewing lies, but they do it anyway because they love power and don’t care how they low they have to go to get it or keep it.

Ken Starr.

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