Sweden, one of the world’s most progressive democracies, elects right-wing extremists to run country

More proof (if we needed any) that the ascendance of far-right politicians and crazy proto-fascists ideologies is happening around the world, and not just in the U.S.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has conceded defeat in the country’s close-fought election, paving the way for the far-right Sweden Democrats and allied parties to attempt to form a government.

The center-left Social Democrats, led by Andersson, received 30.3% of the vote, reaffirming its position as the country’s largest party with almost all the votes counted.

However, the left-of-center parties — the Social Democrats, along with three others — failed to achieve a majority in Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, or Riksdag.

Instead, a right-wing group of parties, led by Ulf Kristersson’s center-right Moderates, looks to have won a narrow majority of seats, and will have the first go at forming an administration.

This so-called “blue bloc” includes the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats. The party, once shunned by the political establishment, recorded its best election result yet with 20.5% of the vote.

It represents a historic turning point in Swedish politics.

The Sweden Democrats now stand on the cusp of gaining influence over government policy. The nationalist party campaigned on law-and-order issues following a rise in gun violence and has vowed to bring in longer prison sentences and reduce immigration.

Sweden, a Scandinavian country of roughly 10.5 million, has a reputation for being one of Europe’s most progressive states and consistently ranks among the happiest nations in the world.

Fascism never really went away after World War II. It’s just been biding its time on the fringes until populations with short (or no) memories forget what a disaster they were last time.

I guess the days of thinking only the Americans with Donald Trump were the easy marks for the loony Right.

Combatting right-wing extremism is a never-ending process, sadly.

Right-wing fascists, who have often clashed with their fellow countrymen in Scandinavia, have slowly been gaining ground even in progressive countries such as Sweden.

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