Trump plays QAnon theme song at rally, as followers then give the QAnon salute

This is crazy scary.

I get the impression that most people I know are vaguely aware that QAnon is a cult, but that they are also not aware of just how dangerous it really is.

Former President Donald J. Trump appeared to more fully embrace QAnon on Saturday, playing a song at a political rally in Ohio that prompted attendees to respond with a salute in reference to the cult-like conspiracy theory’s theme song.

While speaking in Youngstown in support of J.D. Vance, whom he has endorsed as Ohio’s Republican nominee for the Senate, Mr. Trump delivered a dark address about the decline of America over music that was all but identical to a song called “Wwg1wga” — an abbreviation for the QAnon slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.”

As Mr. Trump spoke, scores of people in the crowd raised fingers in the air in an apparent reference to the “1” in what they thought was the song’s title. It was the first time in the memory of some Trump aides that such a display had occurred at one of his rallies.

I’m waiting for someone from the mainstream media to both-sides this with reporting that Democrats played Dixie Chicks at a Biden event.

Trump supporters give the salute of the QAnon cult at Trump’s Sept. 17, 2022 rally.

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