Gay NYC weatherman is fired after someone revenge porns him out of a job

I just watched NYC TV meteorologist Erick Adame for the first time in the YouTube compilation reel below. He’s quite good.

I’m not sure this incident should cost him his job with New York’s cable channel NY1 as a morning weather guy, but at least he’s fighting back.

A New York City weather presenter was fired from his TV job after someone emailed his employer explicit images they had secretly recorded from a private video chat, according to court documents.

In a court filing first reported by the Daily Beast, Erick Adame said he was terminated from his job of four years as a morning meteorologist at the Spectrum News NY1 cable channel as a result of “revenge porn,” a term used to describe the nonconsensual sharing of sexual images.

Adame is not suing his former employer, but rather Unit 4 Media Ltd. — the company behind LPSG (Large Penis Support Group), the website he used for video sex chat — in order to have a judge force the company to reveal information about the anonymous user that he suspects secretly screenshotted images of him naked and then sent those to NY1, as well as to Adame’s mother.

The anonymous person or people used the account names Sonal Prehonn, Tommysize29, Funtimes99, and Landenboy227.

“As a direct result of [the anonymous user’s] acts, [Adame’s] employment was terminated by his employer,” reads the petition, which was filed in the New York Supreme Court on Monday.

A Spectrum News spokesperson declined to comment for this story, but two sources at the company, who asked asked to remain anonymous in order to discuss the matter, said Adame was let go after months of discussions during which time he had remained on the air until the end of August.

I’d like to think that if I had a well-paying job in the public eye that I’d resist the urge to get naked on-camera with a stranger, but boys will be boys and who knows what I’d have done at that young age in NYC. On the other hand, if you’re a hot young public figure in Manhattan, you probably shouldn’t be hurting for less risky ways to meet men. Unless, of course, erotic chatting is your thing.

It probably would have increased his viewership if NY1 wasn’t so uptight.

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