Just one measure of the fucked-up society capitalism is creating

The picture below is from yesterday’s (11/1/22) New York Times in an article titled “What Does the End of Yeezy Mean for the Sneakerverse?”

I think Yeezy, despite whatever mental health issues he has, is a terrible person who should be de-platformed in whatever ways capitalism now allows.

That is the market speaking, not cancel culture. Whatever could be more free than the free market deciding en masse that Kanye West is too crazy and bigoted to be trusted with a company’s entire product line?

But the larger question is this:

Why are we worried about drag queen story hours — a tiny problem, no matter how you feel about them — when we are creating a culture where sneakers are bought and sold for tens of thousands of dollars like commodities? Is this not a sign of a much sicker society than any man in women’s clothing reading “Cat In The Hat” books?

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