Nebraska’s GOP Gov. Pete Rickets finally makes himself useful

I’m totally in favor of Pete Ricketts spending his time declaring state animals. Better that than the right-wing shenanigans for which he and his extremist family are known.

Nebraskans now have an official state reptile: the Ornate Box Turtle.

Governor Pete Ricketts gathered with some students on Friday to sign the proclamation.

“With my signature, we (have) now officially proclaimed a state reptile,” said Ricketts in front of a group of students from Arbor Day Park Intermediate School.

These little critters are special because they are the state’s only native terrestrial turtle. You can find most of them in the grasslands and prairies of Western Nebraska.

Ornate Box Turtles have single hinge shells, which allows them to completely enclose their bodies from predators.

“They can almost completely go into their shell,” said Kinzlie Johnson, a 5th grader.

You can even get the turtle on a state license plate here.

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