This morning’s roommate search strangeness

I ask everyone to fill out a Google Forms questionnaire before I will even talk to them about my room for rent.

It weeds out many, many people. Saves everyone time, but some people don’t see it that way.

In this part of the country there are lots of “sovereign citizen” types who don’t like being asked to fill anything out. Of course, we used to say these people simply suffer from some form of oppositional defiance disorder. This makes them see any request that they follow procedures or rules as a trampling of their rights.

My family has been full of these people. Angry loners who see expressing defiance and unfiltered anger as the ultimate expressions of individuality. They all work dead-end jobs because they’ve never learned how to get along in a world that requires compromises for society and the workplace to function properly.

Anyway, the refusal of people like this to fill out the questionnaire is its own way to weed someone out. So that saves me having to waste any time at all on them. The last thing I want is to live with some version of my angry right-wing mother. (RIP.)

I have a guy responding to the roommate ad currently who was completely resistant to the questionnaire. When he finally did complete it, no shock that he answered the vaccine question as shown below.

The mountain of evidence we now have that vaccines save lives and this person has still had not a single shot.

Crazy. There’s a lot of that here in red state America.

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