Roommate search hell for today

Craigslist is at least consistent in the entirely inappropriate replies you get from potential roommates.

This email came under the subject line, “I’ve got a quick question?” Thereby proving that this person is clueless about punctuation. I don’t need a Rhodes scholar as a roommate. Nor am in interested in living with someone who likely doesn’t know the difference between “their,” “there” and “they’re.”

Anyway, this guy writes in his email:

Are you gay?  I am about your age and really looking for a gay buddy.  

If not I hope I didn’t offend you.

First off, of course it offends me. Why would I use a Craigslist roommate ad as a hook-up tool?

More important: Why are you using Craigslist as a hook-up site? Why not Tinder? Why not Grindr? Why not an app with pictures and a bit about what you are looking for in a sexual partner?

I’ll hazard a guess this person fits one of two scenarios: First, he’s gay but hates himself for it and is not out to anyone. Which makes him dangerous.

When I was a newspaper editor in Boston, we had to (sadly) report upon countless incidents over the years where gay men hooked up with guys who were fucked up about being gay and the guy ended up being stalker-y — or worse.

The other scenario is that they guy is not gay at all but is merely looking for a gay man to attack when he shows up to look at the rental.

No, thank you.

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