I do want to restate that every political journalist had a pre-write sitting in the CMS about how, as usual, Democrats Were Out Of Touch With Real Americans, what with loving crime and having kids shit in litterboxes and treating trans people as human beings. No one really cares about democracy, why won’t Joey shut about that?  And then they just… couldn’t run them.  

Their intended narrative wasn’t based on polls, just vibes. “Dems keeping the Senate” was a perfectly reasonable prediction given polling and the House is always a bit of a guess. With redistricting there was reason for pessimism, but again that’s just guessing. There are never enough good polls. Again, I am not claiming a victory for full communism, but all the stuff the Right spent screeching about for the last several months, which journalists always echo, didn’t work for them.

Atrios, in a post-election post on his blog.

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