Desantis’ campaign tried to ban guns from election night event, but asked someone else to take the fall for it

The night that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was having his November post-election victory party at the Tampa Convention Center, his campaign put in a request that would be odd for anyone not as blatantly dishonest as DeSantis:

He wanted to ban guns from the event, he just didn’t want to take the heat for banning guns from an event in Florida:

As Gov. Ron DeSantis prepared for an election night party in downtown Tampa last year, city officials received a surprising — and politically sensitive — request.

The Republican governor’s campaign wanted weapons banned from his victory celebration at the city-run Tampa Convention Center, a city official said in emails obtained by The Washington Post. And the campaign suggested that the city take responsibility for the firearms ban, the official said — not the governor, who has been a vocal supporter of gun rights.

“DeSantis/his campaign will not tell their attendees they are not permitted to carry because of the political optics,” Chase Finch, the convention center’s safety and security manager, said in an Oct. 28 email to other city officials about the request, which was conveyed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a state police agency led by a DeSantis appointee.

Finch further explained that because of “Republicans largely being in support of 2A,” referring to the Second Amendment, “Basically it sounds like they want us to say it’s our policy to disallow firearms within the event space if anyone asks.”

Tampa Convention Center officials ultimately rejected the request from the DeSantis campaign to ban weapons. State law allows concealed firearms to be brought inside the public facility unless the renter insists on a gun-free event. On election night, the campaign did require guests to pass through metal detectors, Finch said.

The story in the Washington Post goes on to note:

In response to questions from The Post about gun bans at DeSantis events, the governor’s deputy press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, said in an email, “We do not comment on speculation and hearsay. The Governor is strongly in support of individuals’ constitutional right to bear arms.”

Lindsey Curnutte, a spokeswoman for the governor’s political team, said, “We follow the guidance of the FDLE and local law enforcement to keep the governor and his family safe during events.”

This is not the first time that gun nut Republicans have tried to ban guns from their own events while pushing for universal open carry laws for everything from handguns to assault rifles.

Because, with the GOP, trying to protect little kids in grade schools from guns is too much to ask, but protecting Republicans and their families from random gun violence is of the highest priority.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, trying to explain why his family deserves protection from dangerous people who carry guns in public, but that little preschool and grade school children do not. Just kidding. Nobody from the DeSantis campaign has even tried to explain the contradiction.

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