What a pile of steaming crap is the second season of Jack Ryan?

I usually do not watch macho American CIA-guy-saves-the-world thriller movies or TV series. I was turned off largely forever to the genre by the Fox series “24” with Kiefer Sutherland — the critical reception of which, inexplicably, was overwhelmingly positive despite it glamorizing torture.

Thus I’ve resisted watching the Amazon Studios production of Jack Ryan, the thriller starring John Krasinski as the eponymous action hero star of the series.

But I’m in one of those weird in-between times for cord cutters. I’ve finished all the episodic TV series I watch most. I’m waiting for others to start an additional season.

So I started Jack Ryan mostly because I have a soft spot of Krasinski and I was bored at home on my sofa.

It’s pretty standard fare, and it misses some of the worst low points of 24.

For one thing, there are lots of Muslims in the series, but they are not all bad guys. In fact, a lot of the Muslim characters are employed matter-of-factly by the CIA and the military, including co-star Wendell Pierce as Ryan’s boss and fellow action hero James Greer.

It all still feels formulaic — pure-hearted American war hero against corrupt politicians, a timid national security bureaucracy and a slew of foreign bad guys. But Krasinski is likeable enough to pull it off, as is Pierce’s James Greer. The supporting cast does well with some pretty thin dialogue.

Then it all fell apart so spectacularly in the end of the second season that I’m leaving the series (with only two seasons thus far) with a really bad taste in my mouth.

I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice it to say that a gaggle of CIA spies (including Ryan) invade Venezuela’s presidential palace with a helicopter, machine guns blasting, during which one of them decks the president of Venezuela in that country’s version of the Oval Office.

So dumb.

What’s even dumber is that nobody prior to the shootings of these scenes said, “Well, I’m sure this feels good on an us-vs.-them level, but is it realistic?”

Do better in Season Three, Jack Ryan.

If right-wingers are this pissed about this show, perhaps I should check it out

I don’t have HBO or HBO Max, so “The Time Traveler’s Wife” has not been on my radar at all.

But apparently the most recent episode where a time-traveling male character goes down on his other self in another time period has right wingers apoplectic.

I mean, c’mon. If Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post is worked up about it, it’s worth checking out:

It blew viewers away.

Viewers of HBO’s adaption of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” were left “disturbed” and “haunted” by a sex scene that was depicted in Sunday’s second episode, as well as the original book.

In the episode, Henry — played by Theo James — explains to his love interest, Claire (Rose Leslie), how his father found out about his time-traveling powers by awkward accident.

A flashback scene shows a 16-year-old version of Henry (played by Brian Altemus) using his powers to go back in time and perform oral sex on himself when his father walks in and sees the two versions of his son — both naked and in bed together.

One reviewer from Decider called it “the most baffling blow-job scene” in the history of television.

I dunno. I’ve witnessed some pretty baffling blow job scenes.

The trailer for the Netflix series “Resident Evil” is out

I cannot imagine what will be different about this zombie series that will make it watchable long-term

Time was when I couldn’t get enough zombie. Zombie movies. Zombie TV shows.

But then I hit a zombie wall.

There’s only so much you can do with the zombies after a while. And then you’re left with character backstories, but if the backstories are what holds your interest, why wade through repetitive zombie scenes just to get to the human-interest story lines?

In fact, the only horror series I can stomach now is the vampire mockumentary “What We Do In The Shadows”.

So I’m greeting the arrival of the Netflix “Resident Evil” series with a yawn. But the trailer is below if you’re at all into it. Along with a WWDITS video you should watch if you’re not familiar with the series.